Paintings vs Prints

So you decide to decorate your walls, what is it going to be, Paintings or Prints. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector this is undoubtedly one of those dilemmas that gets you all confused and drives you round the bend but no amount of reasoning validates a logical outcome. Both have their own charm and both can add creativity and energy to the interiors and value to your art collection.

Original artwork by Baani Sekhon

Technically, an original painting is much more expensive than a print, so is the excitement and hullabaloo created over a costly painting justified, considering the affordable prints available in the market? Prints are mass produced whereas the painting you love is personal, it has been hand made by the artist for your sole possession there can be no reproduction of the masterpiece. In essence, possessing an original painting brings its own special delight. It’s one of a kind that’s the real beauty of the art. You are the sole owner of an absolutely unique piece and that’s an out of the ordinary feeling.   It’s an incredible reflection of your persona and most importantly there is an emotional connection. Unlike a print a painting can be treasured for generations, they are your legacy, a piece of heritage. Many also buy art as an investment which is not applicable for prints, mostly original paintings increase in value over time. If you study the art industry well and make insightful choices then chances are you may land up making a handsome amount of cash.

Canvas print of artwork made by Egon Schiele.

However, a print has its own place and appeal especially since these days there are many online galleries offering exquisite affordable prints on state of the art material like cotton-poly canvas and acid free paper. So if an original painting doesn’t come within your tight budget and you can’t afford it doesn’t mean you have to compromise with a cheap calendar like offset print from the local framing shop. Premium prints these days are printed with latest technology using archival inks on fade resistant material, they are almost indistinguishable from the original painting, so you need not compromise on your taste and quality. You can now stay well within your budget and still get splendid art to your house. If you don’t buy art as an investment and you like to change your interior décor frequently then you should definitely consider prints.

In conclusion, no matter what you choose, painting or a print, what really matters is how the artwork makes you feel. An art collector who owns both paintings and prints will definitely advice you to first determine the emotional connection and then factor the cost. The artwork has to speak to you and make you smile each time you look at it.