Turner: master of seascapes

J. W. Turner’s experimental seascapes were known for its drama and action. His art style was much ahead of his time, many art historians believe that his approach defined the bases for impressionism.

The Sun of Venice- Going to Sea

Heaving Coals by Moonlight

The artist’s obsession with seascapes was so great that it is said that he got himself tied to a ship mast in order to study and experience the stormy moods and turbulence of the sea. However art historians dismiss it as a story generated to justify the phenomenal experience the viewers felt seeing his paintings.

Ships at sea

Line Fishing, Off Hastings

Turner’s artwork stood apart from his contemporaries because of his unconventional method in depicting the splendor and force of seascapes. His groundbreaking technique of glazing over impasto captured the volatile nature of the sea in the most magnificent manner.

Sheerness as seen from the Nore

The Harbor of Dieppe

Although Turner’s style is said to have been an early step towards impressionism, his artworks’ theme like many of his contemporary romanticist artist was to depict and explore the relationship between God and mankind. Depicting nature in its most pure and raw form with dramatic play of sunlight, stormy sea and translucent fog was his signature style of depicting the might of the Higher power.  It is said that his last words uttered before he passed away were “The sun is God”.

The Fish Market at Hastings

The uniqueness of his work was also the way he treated oil’s like water colors. The transparency, untamed application and brief brush strokes were considered very avant-garde and original in his time.

Scarborough town and castle- morning boys catching crabs

In his later years, his approach became increasingly abstract, nonfigurative and expressionistic. Turner couldn’t care less to explain the meteorological accuracies of the weather and time depicted in his artworks, emphasis was to stage an action-packed enthralling act on the canvas.

Wreckers- Coast of Northumberland, with a Steam Boat Assisting a Ship off Shore