Street Art- an open gallery

Street art unlike traditional Art is displayed in public urban locations with an attempt to capture larger audience. Mostly the artist’s motive is to either convey a strong socio-political message or to beautify a public space with their own trademark style. The law considers it an illicit activity which makes it even more thrilling and intriguing for the public. Continue reading

6 Reasons to why you should visit Art Exhibition’s

We can probably list out hundreds of reasons to visit an Art exhibition however let’s start with 6 points to spare you the torture of a long post.

To take pleasure of an artworks’ grandeur and enormity, one must view it physically. Times have changed, art lovers can now view paintings on online galleries but experiencing art the traditional way has a charm of its own. Continue reading

How to select art for your interiors

In practice, there are two ways of going about it, if you believe in “art for art’s sake” then decorate the interiors and select the art piece. On the other hand if you feel strongly about art, then select the artwork and plan the decor around it. However, irrespective of the path you follow out of the two, ultimately the decor and art should support each other for a visual appeal. Continue reading

Krishna- a perfect muse

Lord Krishna true to his name meaning- “he who attracts everyone” has been the ultimate source of inspiration for the creative art for centuries- Fashion, Paintings, Movies, Classical dance, Creative writing and more…  He’s arguably the most influential Indian mythological figure, no other character so far has been captured artistically in so many ways and means. Continue reading

Are Grief and Suffering a prerequisite for Good Art?

The society in general has a stereotypical image of a tortured artist, who is inspired by the grief and sufferings of his life which further intensifies his creativity, leading him to create artworks that are marked as masterpieces. We have fine examples to prove this- Paul Gauguin made his finest piece after the death of his beloved daughter, Frida Kahlo’s paintings depicted her severe physical pain, Picassos’ ‘Blue Period’ paintings were made Continue reading

How Great Artists’ Decreasing Vision Increased their Artistic Vision

Even if we categorize great masters under different movements and era’s, each artist regardless of that has a style that is distinct from the rest. For instance, Monet and Degas were from the same movement- ‘Impressionism’, yet their methods and techniques were poles apart. This individualistic style is what we call an ‘artists vision’, seeing the world through the eyes of the master. However as these artists ocular vision decreased, Continue reading

Self portraits and Selfies

Capturing self appearance has been an obsession for many artists over centuries, much like today’s smart phone version of self portrait- ‘selfie’. This trend cannot be simply dismissed as narcissism, surpassing that, both are personal statements made by the subject cum creator, the purpose being to visually convey who the maker aspires to be. Continue reading

Sai Baba- an unexplored subject

India being a fusion of various cultures’ has no dearth of religious themed subject matters for our contemporary artists. However, favorite inspirational figures amongst Indian artists mainly include Krishna, Ganesha, Durga and lately Buddha. Starting from the ancient murals and the celebrated miniature paintings, art in effect has been inspired spiritually in our country. Renowned artist’s like Raja Ravi Verma and Sobha Singh ushered this trend Continue reading

Paintings vs Prints

So you decide to decorate your walls, what is it going to be, Paintings or Prints. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector this is undoubtedly one of those dilemmas that gets you all confused and drives you round the bend but no amount of reasoning validates a logical outcome. Both have their own charm and both can add creativity and energy to the interiors and value to your art collection.

Continue reading