Krishna- a perfect muse

Lord Krishna true to his name meaning- “he who attracts everyone” has been the ultimate source of inspiration for the creative art for centuries- Fashion, Paintings, Movies, Classical dance, Creative writing and more…  He’s arguably the most influential Indian mythological figure, no other character so far has been captured artistically in so many ways and means.

The reason for this fixation for the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu is that His persona and teachings relate very well to the everyday aspects of human life. He has never been depicted as an unrealistically perfect and flawless figure, His character has multiple fascinating layers making it easier for a regular person to relate to. He was a butter-thief, an impish flirt, political genius, sharp strategist, an ideal friend and a doting son. Krishna, the supreme avatar is a great embodiment of numerous personas.

His distinctive, one of a kind, physical appearance also adds to the fascination of the artist’s, making Him the favorite subject for arts of all kinds. As per the vedic scriptures each element of his bedecked physical form has a deeper meaning, mentioning a few- dark blue complexion depicts infinite sky, yellow attire represents the earth matter, flute symbolizes an individual with a hollow ego and so on. These profound manifestations have made him a powerful and inspiring muse.