6 Reasons to why you should visit Art Exhibition’s

We can probably list out hundreds of reasons to visit an Art exhibition however let’s start with 6 points to spare you the torture of a long post.

To take pleasure of an artworks’ grandeur and enormity, one must view it physically. Times have changed, art lovers can now view paintings on online galleries but experiencing art the traditional way has a charm of its own.

The benefit as a visitor for an art show is that you will always get to see the finest handpicked art works of the showcased artists. Curators and artist collectively filter out the best artworks to be displayed for an Art exhibition from their collection. There is a lot of thinking and planning done in short listing the pieces.

Its FREE! What could be better than a free entry to a setting with a marvelous visual treat? Even restaurants bill you for enjoying their ambience. In an exhibition you get a chance to be surrounded with rich creativity of contemporary artworks which you can leisurely enjoy without any time limit.

Experiencing art awakens compassion and empathy in us, it helps us identify with the world of another. Art in any form is a window to the thoughts of the creator, be it poetry, music, movies or novels. Understanding the underlying feelings and relating it with oneself is what forms an emotional connection with not just the creators’ mind-set but also with the depicted composition. A work of art also facilitates us to self explore.

Exhibitions serve as stress busters –‘far from the maddening crowd’. If you are lucky enough to visit an Art Show with a wide variety of exquisite work of art which you can easily identify with, it would truly be a spiritual experience.

There is an artist in all of us waiting to be explored, visiting an art show is one of the many ways of unlocking our creative side. Being surrounded with art and creativity automatically makes you look at things from a new perspective, generates original thoughts and inspirational ideas.






So step out, visit exhibitions and attend opening receptions of art shows, be an enthusiastic experience-seeker. For all you know, you may even want to make a return visit.