Street Art- an open gallery

Street art unlike traditional Art is displayed in public urban locations with an attempt to capture larger audience. Mostly the artist’s motive is to either convey a strong socio-political message or to beautify a public space with their own trademark style. The law considers it an illicit activity which makes it even more thrilling and intriguing for the public. It’s a personal expression of an anonymous artist who has taken risk in making his rebellion artwork on a prohibited public space. It’s an open gallery with an invitation for everyone to speculate, discuss and admire.

Street artist Banksy depicts- Child Labour in UK.

There is a difference between street art and vandalism. Street art has a character, it is an artist’s statement with no intention of disfiguring or ruining the area. The art is created with sincerity and conviction which sets it apart from irrational scribbling and meaningless drawings done by vandals.

Street artist Shepard Fairey illustrates women as mere observers of Israeli-Palestine conflict.

Some of the street artists have gained immense international popularity with major fan following. Banksy (real name and identity is unknown) being one of the most popular amongst them, his artworks have been sold in many auction house’s and some are even part of museum collection. Banksy’s art is clever, thought provoking, satirical and often controversial in nature. His identity still remains unknown for ongoing legal issues, since graffiti is illegal.

Below are some of the best and most popular artworks made by Banksy:-

A depressed worker has his dreams stamped Cancelled.

Above artwork highlights repression of free speech as well as anti-war protest

‘Sweep it under the carpet’ depicts reluctance of the western world to deal with global issues such as the AIDS epidemic.

‘A woman washing zebra stripes’ was painted in Mali by Banksy. The Irony being, it has been painted in a drought-ridden country highlighting the careless usage of water by the western world.

Shepard Fairey best known for the iconic ‘Hope’ poster of Barak Obama has a exceptional style which is quite similar to pop art and commercial illustrations. The ‘Hope’ poster was extensively used for U.S. presidential election campaign in 2008, Obama himself had sent a personal thank you note to Fairey for his contribution to the campaign. Shepard’s being a graphic designer extensively uses flat colors mainly black, white, and red. His work is now seen in some of the most prominent contemporary art galleries, as well as in signature apparel.

Below are some of the artworks done by Shepard Fairey:-

Invader is another well-known street artist who uses a ghost name to hide his identity. His mosaic art is made in pixilated form, replicating the video games made in 1970’s. Invaders tiled mosaic’s so far have been installed in more than 60 cities in 30 countries and the ’invasion’ continues. He has been showcased in many renowned galleries around the world. Other than tiles he has also used Rubik’s Cubes for his artwork which has earned him much appreciation in the art world.

Below are images of some of Invader’s invasions in various countries around the globe:-







Illegality was once an obstacle that hindered street artists from entering the arena of formal art. Strangely enough, contemporary art collectors and art galleries have started to appreciate them. Many more street artists are fast collaborating with art auctioneers and monetizing their artworks.

Image’s of Exhibition’s held by Banksy:-

Image’s of Exhibition’s held by Invader:-

Image’s of Exhibition’s held by Shepard Fairey:-

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