Shades of Indian Women in The Art World

Fixation for light skin is not just prevalent in our society but has sadly penetrated the art world aswell. Indian mythological character’s are depicted light-skinned in paintings and other popular medias even though our ancient scriptures and texts describe them as striking beauties with dusky lustrous complexion? In Mahabharat, one of the major epic of India, Draupadi, a “fire born” daughter of Drupada, emerged from the yajna (sacred fire) as a beautiful dark-skinned young woman. Vyasa (author of the Mahabharata) described her Continue reading

Nari-Kunjar, a Unique Genre of Art

Nari-Kunjar a remarkably unique art genre which started trending amongst the Indian artists, starting early 17th century was a result of the influence of an art-style from Persia. The main composition of the artform is a framework of a Kunjar, a Sanskrit word, which means, the Elephant, within the shell, figures of women, nari, are artistically intertwined and seated in a creative manner. The figures are generally dancers, musicians or just a Continue reading

Radha’s many Avatars

Radha’s divine love for Krishna has inspired and influenced Indian art in all forms. In spite of these copious creative manifestations, Her avatar as such has no precision, there are numerous version’s to Her character in Indian literature and art. The number of role’s assigned to Her are astonishing- a devotional milkmaid, personification of Kundalini shakti, Mother nature (Prakriti), Supreme Goddess (Devi), Krishna’s favorite gopi and more. Continue reading

Claude Monet’s love affair with nature

Claude Monet, one of the most famous painter in the history of art, known best as the father of Impressionism had a fanatical fascination for landscapes. His style of capturing light and natural forms laid the foundation of the revolutionary art movement- impressionism. All his life he experimented with variations of color, passing effect of light and reflection. Continue reading