What Art is for Interiors

Professional Interior designers and art collectors don’t treat artworks as accessories or add-ons, for them artworks are key design elements that can make or break a space. Listed below are few basic points, detailing how experienced designers and art lovers dexterously use art to transform interiors.

Artworks can be skillfully used as a focal point (an area that captures the viewer’s attention the most) to positively enhance and control their design.

(Shown below-Left side)- Royal needlework art used as a focal point in Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s Hampton home.

(Shown below-Right side)- A unique portrait used as a focal point in Owen Wright’s Downtown Brooklyn loft.

Image source- Eric Cahan for House & Garden    I    Yunhee Kim for for Lonny

Art defines the character of a space, artworks can be dexterously used  for strengthening and highlighting the theme and style chosen for a space.

(Shown below-Left side)- An antique portrait supports the vintage theme in Hollywood actress Rachel Bilson’s house.

(Shown below-Right side)- The ethnic artwork above the wrought iron headboard adds to the exotic theme of the bedroom in Hollywood star Lauren Bacall’s apartment.

Image source-  Douglas Friedman  and Bonhams for Lonny.com

Artworks are also often used to play with the color palette of the space.

(Shown below Left side)- The correlating pastel colors of the abstract artwork and the interiors, harmonizes and balances the living room in actress Ginnifer Goodwin’s house.

(Shown below-Right side)- The stark color contrast of the artwork flatters the grey shade of the space and enhances other decorative elements in designer Carreon’s apartment.

Image source-  Hillary Walsh for Elle    I    Toto Labrador for Lonny

Skilled Interior designers even use the size and theme of the artworks to their advantage.

(Shown below Left side)- A huge art work gives an illusion of a wider space and adds an impressive appeal to the dining hall in star Ellen DeGeneres’s house.

(Shown below Right side)- A large artwork with an impactful statement above the fireplace takes the center stage in actor George Clooney’s English Country House.

Image source-  Roger Davies for Architectural Digest    I    FameFlynet Pictures on Lonny.com